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Pottery is made by forming a clay body into objects of a required shape and heating them to high temperatures in a kiln which removes all the water from the clay, which induces reactions that lead to permanent changes including increasing their strength and hardening and setting their shape.

Today time honoured methods are still used to create fine stoneware pottery. Journey with us through the manufacturing process as we show you what goes into making your garden pots and glazed containers.

The Journey of the Clay Pot

Clay Pots - Gas Fired Kiln Process

Hand casted clay pots air drying in pot moulds
Pots are removed from moulds and trimmed on a wheel
Trimming of pot necks
Clay pot neck removed for finishing
Excess clay in the trimming process is reused by re-wetting the clay

Finishing off individual pots
Dry stock ready for glazing process
Glazing by hand
Quality checking the glazing process
Glazed pots packed and ready to be rolled into the kiln

Firing pottery in evenly heated gas kilns
Gas supply to kilns
Colourful glazed ceraics after the firing process
The finished product ready for packaging and shipment

Clay Pots - Wood Fired Kiln Process

Dry clay is locally sourced
The dry clay is mixed with water
The clay then soaks for a few days
Wet clay is removed from the pit
Wet clay being removed from the pit

The wet clay is prepared into blocks
Blocks of wet clay being cut into workable slices
A slice of wet clay ready for moulding
Pot moulds ready for casting
Casting a pot by hand with wet clay to air dry

Casting a pot by hand with wet clay to air dry
The pot is removed from the mould and trimmed - more air drying
Pots air drying
Pots air drying
Larger pots are placed in the sun to dry

Large pots drying in the sun
Clay pots are then moved indoors where they dry from the hot air of the kilns
Maximising space. Pots drying out from rising hot air of the kilns
Dry pots are then glazed
Glazed pots ready to be placed in the kilns

Pots being placed in wood fired kilns
Wood fired kilns are closed. These kilns are also known as 'Dragon Kilns' due to its shape
Clay pots are fired for 7 days at extreme temperatures of 1200'C
Kiln doors are slowly opened revealing colourful glazed pots
Orders are packed ready for shipment